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We are surrounded by words. Every day we encounter them and live with them – websites, leaflets, instruction manuals, books, magazines, property schedules – the list is endless. Those involved in the design and collation of text can become so close to an item of work that, when it comes to the final check, simple errors can easily be overlooked. That is why it is helpful to have the material checked by someone totally external to the project or task. A great deal of effort is invested in the design and production of such items so is it not important to ensure that the content is accurate? I think so!

This prompted me to set up Everything Write. I believe that accurate written English is essential for effective communication both in the business arena and our personal lives. The errors in an unchecked document may cause the reader to misunderstand the message or may create the impression that the sender was less than professional. Spellcheckers are useful but there is no substitute for the human eye – how many times have you typed ‘from’ when you meant ‘form’?

I have a sharp eye for detail and over 30 years’ experience of working with English language so I am ideally placed to proofread your material. I can also provide you with support in producing accurate and meaningful client communications. I will check your text for spelling, grammar, punctuation, layout and consistency, applying the highest standards of excellence and assuring your confidentiality at all times.

Based in Livingston, central Scotland, Everything Write is operated on a freelance basis and services clients irrespective of location.

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